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Let Claudia Robin Gunn light up your life

Her new album is produced by kindie giant Dean Jones and features Suzi Shelton and Little Miss Ann!

What words can I use to describe Kiwi kids music songstress Claudia Robin Gunn??

Gifted. Pleasant. Sweet. Lovely. Calming. Charming.

There are just so many words that I can say to describe the wonderful Claudia, but I just can't say them all because I'm taking about her most recent album "Firefly".

When I took a listen to this, I felt like this is quite an album she got here! There are many messages of positivity and encouragement embedded all throughout this rather lovely album, and they are made even more appreciable when Dean Jones throws in his production skills that add a touch of lively pop beats to Claudia's warm and inviting songwriting. I really loved the song "Colours" featuring Little Miss Ann and Suzi Shelton. This is such a perfect collaboration with a synergy that brings these amazing songwriters across the miles. Every song in this album has the power to warm your heart and make you feel accepted and welcome. But the real standout is "Superheroes" as it celebrates not only the power of friendship but one verse here covers a child who has sought refuge from a nation at war. A very powerful show of embracing everybody from the amazing Claudia Gunn.

But in spite of these songs that will touch your heart, there may be some unexpected and hilarious surprises, as there is a little bit of spoken word in the song "Only One You" that caught me off guard and made me laugh a little.

It feels like Claudia Gunn and Dean Jones have made a match to bring an album that takes Claudia's talent to a whole new level.

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